Book IARU ARDF - European - Region 1 - World Championships

To: all who have contributed to the creation of the book

(An illustration from the book: 1998: Start group in the 2 m competition with ? ,177 - Joszef Cserhati, 53 - Nikola Spirkoski, 113 - Richard Ulrich, 206 - Klara Zarnoczay. Photo from Hungarian newspaper via US0VA)

Dear OM's, YL's and XYL's

Thank you for your participation in collecting details (reports, results lists, photo's, maps, medals, etc.) for the book about the ARDF IARU Region1 and World Championships.
I got active participation of 23 persons. They gathered information from their own archives or from other participants in the championships.

On 31 July I will close the editorial job. Until this date additions still can be processed .

In August the book will be printed and it will be available at the World Championships in September in Serbia.
After the release of the book, I continue to collect material about the championships. So please keep searching for missing details. In particular the maps, used from 1958 to 1973.

Hereunder you will find three pdf-files.
They contain information about the book IARU ARDF - European - Region 1 - World Championships.

Please read the documents and bring them also to the attention of the persons from which you have got information and to anyone else interested in ARDF. You may use this information on your website and/or magazine.

I hope to meet you in September in Serbia.

Date: 11 July 2012,


Jan Hoek, PA0JNH


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